SAE 1045


The GGD 1045 steel is a steel with low processing hardenability, ie low penetration hardness on cross section, is not recommended for use sections exceeding 60 mm. It has a good relation between strength and fracture resistance. It is used in general with hardness 180-300 HB. For large sections using the normalizing heat treatment.

Chemical composition C(0,43 – 0,50) – Mn(0,60-0,90) – Si(0,40-máx) – Cr(-), Al(-), P(0,04 – máx), S(0,05 – máx)
Supply conditions – Supplied with maximum hardness of 260HB


It is used in the manufacture of components of general use where a mechanical strength higher than the conventional low carbon steels is required. Mainly applied in the general axes, pins, cylinder, bolt, screws, clips, clamps, tongs, cylinders, studs, pillars, among others.


The GGD 1045 steel should be held at a minimum temperature of 870ºC and a maximum of 1240ºC.


Annealing: The treatment should be done at the temperature of 800 – 850 ° C for at least 1 hour for every 25 mm. Cool slowly in the oven.

Standardization: The treatment should be done at the temperature of 880 – 900 ° C for at least 1 hour for every 25 mm. Cool air. In special cases can use forced air.

Temper: austenize in temperature between 820 – 850 ° C. Heat for 1 hour for each 25 mm of thickness. Cool water or in polymer. Cooling oil (smaller sections than 10 mm) season from 840 – 860ºC.

Tempering: It must be done immediately after hardening when the temperature reaches about 70 ° C. The tempering temperature must be selected according to the hardness specified for the component. To use this tempering Arrangement curve. Keeping the tempering temperature for at least 1 hour for each 25 mm thick and used for at least two hours. Cool in still air.

Nitriding: The steel can be nitrided to increase the wear resistance of the surface hardening. The maximum hardness depends on the precondition of heat treatment. Nitretar with White Layer Components benefited before nitriding have better hardening characteristic reaching next maximum hardness of 600 HV. It is recommended hardening depth of between 0.30 and 0.60 mm.

Quenching Surface: Heat quickly to the temperature of 820 – 860ºC and cool in water or oil. The treatment conditions depend on the size and part geometry and the desired hardness and equipment characteristics.

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