Pre-Machining Services in the latest generation machine.

Since 2015, GGD Metals has added a new service, the Pre-Upselling. Not unlike the continuous investments in cutting-edge machinery, our new acquisition was a portal-type CNC equipment, which guarantees more competitiveness and agility to its processes.


The services

We continue to focus on raw material trade, however our services always one step ahead of our competitors. We perform pre-machining services on raw materials. Thus, customers advance a process of their machining, receiving the material ready for the most refined machining. In other words: we peel the raw material.


The advantages

Now our customers, who have gained speed, price and can skip the step of coarse machining. With this service GGD reduces an important process to your client, avoiding wasted time and / or searching for specialized labor. Now GGD customers, if requested, get their parts ready for finalizations without wasting time or quality.



Our own customers started to request the service with increasing frequency. Now, we gain competitiveness and do not inflate the material with the outsourcing, becoming a great differential without changing deadline. For industries with idle capacity the service may not be needed right now, but already there are industries with full capacity and because of the uncertainty they do not want to invest in large machines. So we invested in all of them to keep growing.


Descriptions and Details


CASCA / CAREPA REMOVAL (when customer asks for shelled material, but does not want a specific tolerance or a perfect finish)
Tolerance = -0mm / + 4mmThickness 20mm to 70x width 150mm to 1700mm x 150mm x 3500mm
(When the customer needs the material ready to start the machining of the figure / cavity / part.) The finish is very good.
Tolerance -0.1mm / + 0.1mmThickness 20mm to 700mm x width 150mm to 1700mm x 150mm x 3500mm
EXTRA FINISH FINISHING (when the customer, besides the squaring, needs a better finish, close to the rectified finish)
Tolerance -0.1mm / + 0.1mmThickness 20mm to 700mm x width 150mm to 1700mm x 150mm x 3500mm
Hole in M10 standards | M12 | M14 | M16 | M20

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