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STEEL TOOL represented an important segment of the steel production of special steels. They are produced and processed to dye a high standard of quality, being mainly used in: dies, molds, intermittent and continuous cutting tools, sheet metal forming tools, cold cutting, machine components, among others.

  •     O1 – S1 – D2 – D6 – H13 – P20 – M2 – 2714 – TPA – 420

STEEL CONSTRUCTION MECHANICS is obtained through special processes of elaboration: casting, metal forming hot and cold, heat treatment and finishing, strict process control and verification by line inspections that ensure a set of properties and characteristics.

    1020 – 1045 – 8620 – 8640 – 4320-52100 – 4340-4140 – 16MnCr5

STAINLESS STEEL are characterized by a special resistance to provide a substance whose etching composition contains a minimum chromium content of 12%. The corrosion resistance is generated because of a thin passive layer composed of chromium adhering and waterproof, which is formed on the steel surface. The passivity of the stainless steel is significantly enhanced by increase in chromium content and also by the addition of molybdenum. In addition to corrosion resistance, stainless steels also have mechanical properties, formability, heat resistance, among others.

  •     Austensíticos: 302-303 – 304 – 304L – 316 – 316L – 310
  •     Martensitic: 416-410 – 420 – 420C
  •     Ferritic: 430

ALUMINUM is a lightweight material, soft and durable, very malleable and ductile. Suitable for machining and casting, as well as having an excellent corrosion resistance and durability due to the protective oxide layer. Being a good conductor of heat, it is widely used in kitchen utensils.

  •     5052 – 5083 – 6061 T6 – 7021 – 7075


  • Copper is a chemical element symbol Cu, atomic number 29 and atomic mass 63, 3 u. At room temperature, the copper is in solid form. Ranked transition metal, is one of the most important metals industrially, reddish, ductile, malleable, good conductor of electricity.
  • Bronze is the name which is called a series of metal alloys that are based on copper, lead alloy of tin and proportions other variable elements such as zinc, aluminum, antimony, nickel, phosphorus, lead and others, with the objective to obtain characteristics superior to those of copper.
  • Brass is a hard, malleable material at the same time has a very broad scope. Coil, plate, flat bar, angles, tubes, wires, rods: round, square and hexagonal.
  • Nylon the best known representative of a class of materials called polyamides, which show great resistance to wear and traction – which is easily perceived when we try to break with the hands a fishing line made of nylon.

RAILS are laminated steel parts, attached parallel to each other, forming the railways where can transit trains, trams, coastlines, etc. depending on the purpose for which they were built. The rails can also be used to form the rolling path of a crane.

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