Composição Química

C Mn Cr W V
0,50 0,25 1,50 2,00 0,20


Cores de Identificação

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The steel GGD S1’s main characteristic has high impact resistance over a wide range of hardness. It can therefore be used in applications working either hot or cold. It has good resistance to fatigue and wear. In special cases it can be cemented to optimize the compromise between its high toughness with resistance to surface wear.

Chemical Composition – C (0.50) • Mn (0.25) • Cr (1.50) • W (2.00) • V (0.20)
Supply conditions – Supplied in the annealed condition with an approximate hardness of 230 HB.


It is used in the manufacture of chisels, chisels, knives for cutting steel plates, dies for stamping, cold stamping. In hot work is used in punches, knives for grinding, hammers support for forging, molds for plastic, pneumatic hammers, tools for repression and concrete drills.


Stress relief: In tools of complex shapes, heterogeneous material removal in roughing, sudden changes in sections, etc., should be carried out treating strain relief to minimize dimensional variations and form during the quenching and tempering. Treatment should be done at a temperature of 650 ° C for at least 1 hour for each 25 mm and then cool the still air.

Tempering: When heating for austenitization to be performed pre-heating to ensure temperature uniformity and minimize distortion. Preheat to 650 ° C. Austenize at a temperature between 900 – 960ºC. Heat for 1 hour for each 25 mm thick and add 1 additional hour for each 25 mm. Preferably cooling oil.

Tempering: It must be done immediately after hardening when the temperature reaches about 70 ° C. The tempering temperature must be selected according to the desired hardness. For this use the tempering curve for guidance below. Keeping the tempering temperature for at least 1 hour for each 25 mm thick and used at least double tempering. This steel may be temper hardness level of 40-56 HRC. higher tempering temperatures, lower hardness, lead to greater resistance to fracture. When the tool is suffering surface nitriding treatment or coating, you should opt for tempering high temperature.
Quenching from 950 ° C. Double tempering of 2 hours each.

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