It becomes necessary to introduce some components of planetary systemic rationality in order to prevent worsening the world’s condition to such an extent that would endanger the survival of humankind. Everything that is not immediate is difficult to assimilate and apply, but it is nonetheless REAL and essential for the future of the country and the world.

Reduction of air emissions
The fleet of trucks, responsible for air emissions of gases, undergoes ongoing preventive maintenance. Therefore, there is no wear of parts and fuel, which cause the accumulation of excessive waste and pollution. Updated parts and timely revisions are essential to prevent automobiles from affecting the air and the soil. The Logistics team with GGD Metals works continuously to develop intelligent delivery routes according to customer orders and location. The less time the trucks spend on the streets and roads, the fewer emissions are released. Drivers are trained on a yearly basis to act consistently with the Department of Logistics, thus contributing to the effectiveness of the actions imposed on the sector.

Air Conditioning, from villain to hero
The air conditioners have a timer and scheduled times to turn on and off. As a consequence, we avoid energy waste and still protect the health of employees exposed to cooled air. In addition, water released by air conditioning equipment located in the manufacturing area is piped to tanks for toilet flushing.

The less paper, the better!
All printers used at GGD perform duplex printing, which considerably reduces the use of paper. Employees were advised and received a guide on how to use printers. Moreover, the ordering system has being modified so that orders can be tracked digitally, with no need for printed paper. Estimated reduction in paper usage is about 20%. GGD Metals responsibility and commitment are not limited to our own premises. Our sustainable approach is extended to suppliers and even customers, from which the Group requires the same commitment, creating a virtuous cycle that will generate immeasurable gains for humankind. Excess paper and recyclable materials are sent to entities that specialize in recycling and/or reuse processes. GGD performs a selective storage of documents, thus avoiding unnecessary accumulation. The same is true with shavings from cutting and modifying steel and metal pieces distributed by the company – everything is stored and taken to groups specialized in recycling.

PPE recycling
GGD Metals is also concerned about discarding PPEs (personal protective equipment). After their period of use, stained with oil and grease, they should not be discarded anywhere, because they would harm the environment. As part of the socio-environmental awareness of the company, we hired SUATRANS, which provides three 200-liter drums a year for correct disposal of this waste, without harming the environment.

Machinery oil
The oil used for lubrication of machines is periodically changed. This material should not be discarded through pipelines, or get in contact with the ground, because the contamination would be certain, besides increasing the risk of accidents. To collect this material, we entered into a partnership agreement with Flucor Service, which removes the drums with stored used oil, to give them a smart, correct destination.

Another GGD Metals partnering company works in our cafeteria, taking care of our employees’ meals and nutrition in an intelligent and sustainable way. This company manages effectively the perishable supplies to prevent food waste. In addition, it maintains a recycling scheme for cooking oil with Lirium, that is, our suppliers are also aware of the issue of sustainability.

Investment in people training
The concern about the company’s growth can be seen in ongoing investment in training and in qualification and vocational courses for our employees. Besides constant training, with investments envied by other companies, we allow employees to have English classes in the companys premises, and we also subsidize college or technical education, thus maintaining a sustainable relationship with employees, universities and the community which is somehow involved.

Separate waste collection
Recycling is turning waste into other products, giving it new applications, saving energy, money and especially natural resources. This kind of action really matters because it helps decrease the pollution of soil, water and air; improves the cleanliness of cities and the population life quality; extends the lifecycle of landfills; contributes to the enhancement of public cleaning and to create ecological awareness.
In search of sustainability, GGD promotes separate waste collection at the companys premises. Colorful bins for recycling are spread all over the building so that everyone can cooperate with our planet. GGD employees separate their waste into paper (blue), plastic (red), metal (yellow), glass (green) and organic and non-recyclable (brown). With separate material, the cleaning staff – who underwent training on recycling – promotes the correct destination for the garbage collected.

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