Material non-temperable. They have, however, good compliance and high cold capacity of strain hardening. They are generally not magnetic, but may have small amounts of ferrite, presenting then take magnetism. When cold-deformed, they become partially martensitic and lightly magnetic. Very ductile. bad machinability, except for Resulfurized and CORFAC steels.

Corrosion resistance: shows high resistance means acetic acid, sulfuric 1% picric, nitric, oleic, formic, boric, chromic and benzoic at 20 ° C. Good resistance in environments of concentrated acetic acid at 70 ° C, citric acid, 10% oxólico acid, phosphoric acid at 100 ° C, 5% sulfuric acid at 20 ° C. Saline solutions (Mg chloride, Ca, Zn, K permanganate, sulfate K at 20 ° C, nitrate, cyanide and Cu acetate).

atmospheric corrosion: high resistance except in marine and industrial environments.

Sea water: good resistance at 20 ° C.

Water: good resistance at any temperature. Food: Good resistance to containers that come in contact with milk at 20 ° C, fruit juices, vegetable oils, coffee.

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