Tool Steel


The tool steels represent an important segment of the steel production of special steels. They are produced and processed to achieve a high standard of quality, primarily being used in: dies, molds, intermittent and continuous cutting tools, sheet metal forming tools, cold cutting, machine components, among others.

Are classified according to their main metallurgical characteristics or according to your application niche, being the AISI classification (American Iron and Steel Institute) the most used by the tool industry (O1, S1, D6, D2, APT, H13, 2714, P20, 420 and M2).

Tool steels resistant to shock (S)
Work Tool Steels for Cold temperable in oil (O)
Tool Steels for Cold Work (D)
Tool Steels for Hot Work (H)
Tool Steels for Plastic Molds (P)
Quick steels Molybdenum (M)

 Provided: plates, blocks, Boring and Billets (See our terms of delivery).


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