Aluminium is a light metal, soft and durable, very malleable and ductile. Suitable for machining and casting. Besides having an excellent corrosion resistance and durability because the protective oxide layer. To be a good heat conductor, it is widely used in kitchen utensils.


1000 Non-alloyed minimum aluminum purity of 99.0%
2000 Copper
3000 Manganese
4000 Silicon
5000 Magnesium
6000 Magnesium and Silicon
7000 Zinc
8000 Other elements

A) The first digit indicates the alloy group;
B) The second digit indicates the limits of changes of alloy or impurities;
C) The last two digits identify the aluminum alloy or indicate the purity of the aluminum.













The designation system of the stirrups is based on the following heat treatments used to produce the various aluminum cores. Such designations are made of the letters have the following meanings:

F: Manufactured
It applies products obtained by processes in which no special control of the thermal conditions or hardening of form are used. Are not specified for mechanical properties.

O: Annealed
It is applied to the final products in the state in which m has the least value of the mechanical strength.

H: Hardened cast iron
This does not apply heat treatable alloy products, namely alloys that increase mechanical strength can only by cold plastic deformation (deformation hardening). In the definition of the stirrups “H” is then more digits in which the first indicates the process (or processes) to which the material has been subjected (as shown in Table 2), while the second indicates the degree Of hardening by work in decreasing order (as shown in Table 3).

W: Solubilized
It is used for thermally treatable alloys, stable non-tepee applies only to the naturally occurring alloys at room temperature, after the solubilization treatment.



Graduation TERMS USED
1 1/8 Hard
2 1/4 Hard
4 1/2 Hard
6 3/4 Hard
8 Hard
9 Extra Hard






     Excellent machining properties

High cutting speed, 5 x faster than steel;
shorter machining time;
Less wear;
Longer service life for cutting tools;
Corrosion resistance

     Low weight

The density of aluminum is equivalent to 1/3 the weight of steel.

     High Thermal Conductivity
4x higher than that of steel;
Reduces the formation of residual internal tensions

     High Electrical Conductivity
10x higher than that of steel;
Allows the machining of aluminum erosion

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