Social Responsability

Caring Company and child-friendly

Solidarity and sustainability go together. GGD Metals believes that companies have an important role in building a more just and dignified society. As those who carry the country’s future in the hands are the children, GGD supports entities that work for them.

The Association for the Support of Children with Cancer (AACC), since 1985, is a nonprofit organization that offers free lodging, food, transportation, social assistance, educational support, psychosocial and existential treatment of children and adolescents with cancer and their families . The headquarters is in São Paulo, serves an average of 280 families per year and has a staff of 17 employees, 90 volunteers and more than two thousand donors among individuals and corporations. GGD gives financial support to the AACC and actively participates in its actions and events. With this, the GGD has won the seal of “Caring Company”.

But the label “child- friendly Company Abrinq Foundation – Save the Children”, has the support of the GGD to Abrinq Foundation. The company, which already had among its values ​​the non-exploitation of child labor and the promotion of vocational training, has been recognized by the entity and also started to contribute to their education projects, health and protection of children and adolescents in about 1900 municipalities .

“Our company believes and invests in the future of children. It is our way of contributing to the future of humanity and the nation. ” (Andre Dias)