SAE 52100


The GGD 52100 Steel is a steel high carbon content, linked to chromium, used for processing when you want to achieve high hardness after hardening, between 62-66 HRC. It is a hardenable steel in oil.

Chemical Composition – C (0.98 – 1.10), Si (0.15-0.35), Mn (0.25-0.45), Cr (1.30-1.60)
Supply conditions – Supplied with maximum hardness of 250HB


It is generally used components in the bearing manufacturing industry.


The GGD 52100 steel should be held at a minimum temperature of 925ºC and a maximum of 1150ºC.


Annealing: For its high carbon content of the steel GGD 52100 must undergo spheroidizing annealing to optimize its machinability. The spheroidization is performed at around 750 ° C for times ranging between 15 and 20 hours. Cool the oven.

Standardization: The treatment should be done at the temperature of 870 – 890ºC for at least 1 hour for every 25 mm. Cool air. In special cases can use forced air.

Hardening: The austenitizing tempering must be carried out between 840 – 850 ° C, maintaining the time necessary to homogenize the temperature in cross section and cooling in oil.

Tempering: It must be done immediately after hardening when the temperature reaches about 70 ° C. The tempering is performed at temperatures between 120 – 200 ° C. The usual tempering temperature is around 150 ° C. Under these conditions there is no significant drop in hardness. In tempering at about 180 ° C the hardness can fall of 1 to 2 points HRC. The hardness variation as a function of the tempering temperature curve is shown in Arrangement below.

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